Laptop FAQ

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Display Issues

Question There is no display ( or Dim Display) on my laptop screen but I still could see all the icon on screen, What cause this problem?
Answer The reason cause this problem could be defective back-light lamp or mother board. The easiest method to resolve the problem lamps or mother board, if lamp lights up, and not getting display than the issue is of to change new lcd or led otherwise it may be laptop internal mother display chip issue.
Question In troubleshooting my laptop, laptop display comes after hit otherwise go down?
Answer When you hit the laptop screen display come that mean there is lose connection in the laptop so you have the check the problem related lossing. It can be internal lcd, led issue or laptop motherboard display connection cable issue.
Question My laptop computer work fine with external monitor but there is no display on laptop screen?
Answer It could cause of laptop lcd, led screen issue you need to change the display screen.
Question when laptop start display is not clear?
Answer This the problem of display software which support your display of video and picture.
Question My screen had been completely dimmed out though you could see the screen was working.
Answer If you laptop is dimmed out that is problem of lcd back light with is not working properly if try to check the lcd related parts are working fine other you have to change laptop lcd or led.

Battery Issues

Question New laptop battery is not working ?
Answer new laptop battery does not work because of discharging. In this case this is recommended that first connect with the laptop and charge it aroung 12 hours or it will charge automatically when you use the laptop.
Question Laptop Does not walk up first time through the battery ?
Answer It may be that is not connected with the laptop so ditched the laptop battery and insert it again that it will work other wise may be battery is weak so you should change the battery
Question Laptop shutdown automatically
Answer first check the ac power is plucked in properly or not. It may be you have setting that the battery goes discharge to certain level it shut down the laptop.
Question How can increase back time of the laptop battery?
Answer There are many thing to increase back time of the laptop battery life like screen brightness, volume increase and dicrese, using usb device drain battery also using wireless card also cause of drain battery frequently

Touch Pad Issue

Question Laptop Touch pad is not working properly
Answer install the exact driver in the laptop than it will work properly
Question laptop mouse speed is very low ?
Answer Go to the control panel and set the speed according to you and it will work properly.
Question Laptop mouse pad suddenly not work?
Answer It may be the issue of you driver, or function key that disable the touch pad otherwise it may be the issue in laptop touch pad physical issue.

Sound Issue

Question laptop sound is not working.
Answer connect the below cable is properly connect with the laptop. If it is connected properly than check the sound through headphone with the laptop
Question laptop sound is coming only in headphone or laptop internal speaker is not working?
Answer If laptop internal speaker is not working and headphone is working properly it may be the issue of setting otherwise it may internal speaker issue
Question laptop speaker sound is not clear or very noise is there?
Answer laptop speaker sound is not coming clear that may be issue of the player other wise speakers are damage you need to change the internal speaker

WIFI Issue

Question WiFi is not working ?
Answer laptop must have WiFi software in the laptop.
Question WiFi working very slow in the laptop?
Answer this is depend on WiFi card capacity or if you are far from WiFi range than you must come in WiFi coverage than WiFi will work properly
Question WiFi automatically off during the work on laptop?
Answer WiFi is a device which connect the laptop with wireless networking if there is issue in the router of wifi internal card than this kind of issue comes in the laptop.

Hard Disk Issue

Question laptop is not booting up ?
Answer laptop is not booting up that is that may trouble of hard disk reading or OS issue in this situation you should check the hard disk connectivity and OS is installed in the laptop.
Question laptop hard disk is nosing ?
Answer laptop hard disk is nosing that mean there is physical issue you must take data back up first and than check the physical issue.
Question Portable is nosing when connecting with the laptop?
Answer In this condition change the usb cable because it may that hard disk is not getting required power and not able to getting up or reading .